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At BISJHINTUS, we strive to nurture the habit of learning with smart tools that make it a unique experience.

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A language is a form of connection

Excellence and Pride with languages have their status, always languages to be first to lead, speak, achieve and lay tomorrow’s foundation. We believe you are on the right path, time to inspire yourself by Joining an exploring portal.

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BISJHINTUS is formed based on the thought that an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. This organization believes that the only way we can grow is by way of learning. This noble thought is very well inculcated in the organization’s value system as well. The organization believes not only in providing learning opportunities to its member students but it also provides innumerous learning opportunities for its team members. Read More

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” BISJHINTUS believes in your dreams and is here to make sure to turn them into a reality. In this era of cutthroat competition, you need the best environment to grow and nurture the skills that we aim to provide. Studying in the language you prefer will be fun and productive. No more boring lectures and difficulty understanding, make learning fun along with gamification experience. Your future is our priority.

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Choose how would you like to learn on BISJHINTUS Exploration. You can study full or part-time in our local programs, or remotely with our online courses.

Learning Mangement

BISJHINTU'S is an affordable online learning platform. We have top-level teachers from around the country who strive to give the best education. Our learning management system ensures that you are up to date with your syllabus. Our coaching provides you with quality tests that you can give in your comfort zone. You will get enough idea about your subject and pass your exams with flying colors if you learn from our platform.

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BISJHINTU'S gives chances of improving your scores by providing mock tests with every course you purchase. You can give the mock tests in your home through your laptop or your mobile phone. We conduct MCQ tests that are up to date with your syllabus. We also explain every question thoroughly after the exam so that you do not have any doubts. Join the most affordable and comfortable coaching today!

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BISJHINTU'S has an online community and discussion platform where we all look out for each other and discuss topics related to exams, subject matters, and exchange information related to current events or others. You can post questions on our community platform and, our experts will guide you through your questions. We also allow our learners to reply to your questions. You can also answer others' questions and help them.

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GPAT (Pharmacy)

In the past few years there has been a significant development in the healthcare facilities in India, PHARMACY as a career has shown potential growth and a promising future, if you are looking for a career in this domain, look no further and get ready to crack GPAT and NIPER with us to get into the best institutions.
What are you waiting for, register yourself today.


MBA is the most versatile and enriching course if one wants to enter into the field of business. Crack your dream college for MBA with BISJHINTUS that provides you with the best guidance and knowledge to enter into this domain and help you get through this.

Time is of the essence, don’t look any further register yourself today.

CLAT (Law)

You are just a few steps away from cracking CLAT,don’t look any further, register yourself and get the guidance you need to get into the top NLUs with BISJHINTUS.
We are here to guide you throughout your journey with the finest mentors providing the best quality education with your own regional language, so that you can study without language being the barrier.


Engineers run the world, and so can you. Take your first step towards cracking JEE with the help of BISJHINTUS. We aim at providing you all the support you need to get into the your dream IITs.

This course is designed with a lot of research and hours of brainstorming to bring the finest content for our students.


Your search for the best online platform for NEET 2022 ends here. Join hands with BISJHINTUS for the best learning experience with expert mentors and become the doctor of your dreams.

We are here to provide you with the highest quality education along with the most friendly environment at the most affordable prices.


It is said that, “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”. The period of class 6 to 12 is the very core of that foundation, you need extra guidance during that period.
BISJHINTUS aims at providing you that support to build the strongest foundation for you so that you can build a bright future on it. Be prepared to join us with a journey to success.

Certification Course

Gone are the days where your degree was everything that mattered, certification courses are here to provide you with wide range of opportunities in your career.
BISJHINTUS aims at providing you that support to build the strongest foundation for you so that you can build a bright future on it. Be prepared to join us with a journey to success.

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Course Comparison

We let you identify, analyze, compare and venture between courses to let you choose what is best for you. We have taken the initiative to introduce the 'course comparison feature' on the Indian educational platform.

BISJHINTUS will be a revolutionary platform that will allow you to check upon what type of course suits your lifestyle the best. This way, you can draw a comparison between the subscription sessions, live classes, recorded lectures, course curriculum, requirements, time durations, structured outlines, resource outcomes, price, etc of various courses. This feature is extremely helpful when you want to compare multiple courses and choose the most feasible option for your child. Now, you can easily select what is best for your child without the added hassle. Following are the benefits that everyone involved in the course will receive-



  • Improvement through competition
  • Lesson and duration shows a teacher’s efficiency
  • There are three level of courses, to project your competency


  • Get to learn from the best teachers
  • No language barriers in learning (courses are in English)
  • Can check out the requirements as well as the outcome of the course


  • Affordability
  • The Reviews feature helps you view the pros and cons of the respective course
  • Can judge the course by its’ popularity


  • Can visit and overlook
  • No commitment of any sort required
  • Can venture and explore


What students had to say about BISJHINTUS

Nice to hear about the great and innovative ideas of this company, because it's the need of the hour, especially when so much is occurring in the educational world. We people in India can't sit back and watch the world leave us behind. I am sure the company's motto would bring the much-needed awareness for the students and change the way of learning.

Being part of BISJHINTUS has been the most fascinating experience of my life, I have learned a lot throughout my journey. This platform aims at bringing people towards their culture and making learning easy for everyone without language being the barrier. I am assured that there will be no dull moments with the team. I feel very confident that you will grow each day with BISJHINTUS. This platform will surely bring revolution in the learning field.

"Beginning with such an innovative and MUST notion of giving online education in any preferred language, rather than confining to any one language, was very vital. Language can be a hurdle in India, a country with a diverse culture and languages. And breaking over the same barrier by providing education in the preferred language is a new step forward. I'm excited to be a member of BISJHINTUS family.”

The Bisjhintus enhances my core learning. My mentor helped me throughout this learning journey amazingly. Apart from learning my subjects, I learned a lot of other things where my mentors helped me gain knowledge day to day in module courses. The Bisjhintus platform is also dynamic and, Bisjhintus has such a great environment and learning culture established in the domain of E-Learning. The company supports underprivileged students too. The Bisjhintus is working hard to provide quality education to every student. My journey here was quite fruitful.


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