Refund Policy

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2022

To assure the user, regarding the effectiveness of the subject matter, BISJHINTUS is offering a money-back guarantee for provided services and is specifically listed in this policy. As a challenge BISJHINTUS is offering this money-back guarantee with confidence that every user committing to our services and teaching methodology properly for 7 to 9 days will see immense benefit of 100% refund.

Once a user diligently and fully participates in the course for the initial 7 days since the commencement of our services and sees no benefit despite performing all mandatory activities, then such a user is eligible to submit a refund application within 2 days i.e., between 1st and 7th day from the commencement of our services, and a no questions asked refund is provided after verification of their refund compliance. 


  1. Lifetime courses
  2. 6 Months and 12 Months Course according to subscription policy. 

  3. B2B Training according to policy.

  4. One to one Mentorship according to one-to-one live mentorship guidelines


Services that are not covered in this list are non-refundable.

Services that are refundable as per this policy are specifically mentioned to have a money-back guarantee on the web pages containing the complete details.

Services not having any online live class notwithstanding with 6-month course and 12-month course, are non-refundable. 


We understand that it may be difficult for people new to the world of online learning to feel confident and fully understand the power of an online course or a career development program. Especially, when such a program requires an extensive investment of time, energy, and money.

Herein, BISJHINTUS is providing a 100% money-back guarantee to in-still your confidence that you will find our services to be empowering and enhancing your knowledge and skills if you properly pursue the same.


If a user enrolls into any of the refundable services of BISJHINTUS listed herein ‘LIST OF REFUNDABLE SUBJECT MATTER. Users may raise a refund request on the following conditions:

  1. Required participation in our services for the initial 7 days from commencement. Please note that the commencement day depends on the respective course/batch.  It is neither the day you pay for the registration nor the day you are given access to the course material or the Learning Management System (LMS).

  1. Users are requested to fill the requested formalities within two days of the ‘end of the trial period’, Then only the refund will be initiated. Any refund request made after the 9th day of commencement of service would NOT be entertained from BISJHINTUS.

  1. Full participation means that the user is required to attend all mandatory sessions & complete all mandatory assignments in time for these initial ‘trial period’ days.

  1. The refund request is required to be raised between the ‘trial period’ which varies from course to course. Any request made after the completion of the trial period will not be entertained.

  1. The date of access given to the Learning Management System (LMS) shall be the batch commencement date for a user joining an ongoing batch.

  1. For any bundle of services, the batch commencement date for the entire bundle of services shall be the batch commencement date of the first service opted for by the user and a refund will be processed for the entire bundle of services for eligible users.


Users are not eligible for any refund without any exceptions if they fall into any of the following circumstances:

  1. Users not participating for the initial 7 days of commencement of the services. Note that 7 days are provided to each user as ‘Trial Period’.

  1. Users not completing the required activities or not completing the mandatory formalities assigned to them within the initial 7 days (Trial Days) of commencement of the batch, within the original deadline.

  1. Users requesting a refund after the completion of the trial period of the concerned course.

  1. Users registering for a course using any course credit.

  1. Users obtaining a migration to a new batch or another course allowed by BISJHINTUS on special considerations.

  1. Users publishing any defamatory content about BISJHINTUSThis will also lead to the TERMINATION of their respective course subscription. 

  1. Users against whom any disciplinary action is pending for causing any disturbance in any of the classes or for misbehaving or harassing any other users or any member of BISJHINTUS


Users are compliant with this refund policy raising a refund claim within the ‘trial period’ of commencement of our services. The refund request is to be raised by filling the refund claim application. Claim for refund shall approve or disapprove within 10 to 15 working days.

Users for whom their refund request has been approved, are required to complete the necessary formalities mentioned on the BISJHINTUS website/mobile application within 2 working days.



The amount will be refunded to the source account from which the course fee was paid.


BISJHINTUS reserves the right to refuse the registration of users for any of its services to users obtaining a refund. If you try to register for any other services in the future from BISJHINTUS you must disclose that you have taken such a refund in the past. Non-disclosure of such a fact, while registering for new services will debar you from seeking any refund from BISJHINTUS for any of its services without any exceptions.

BISJHINTUS retains the right to advertise the fact of a user obtaining a refund to its future customers.


aAn eligible user may write to [email protected] to escalate their refund requests if the user does not receive a refund confirmation/ rejection email within 3 working days of raising a refund request as per this policy.

b) An eligible user may escalate the refund request by directly writing to (Consultant support), e-mail:, if the user does not receive any suitable response within 5 working days from the date of raising the refund request.


Once a refund request is approved and paid out to an applicant, all facilities under the services, including your access to the course, will be immediately terminated.

BISJHINTUS may also offer course credits at its discretion to users unable to pursue a course due to genuine reasons on humanitarian grounds under exceptional circumstances, on receiving requests from users with supporting documents. Course credits are non-transferable and valid for a lifetime. Course credits provided to a user can be only used for fresh registration and cannot be used against any course already registered by the users for which installments are already due and payable to BISJHINTUS Decision of BISJHINTUS in this regard will be final and binding on the user. No course credit will be granted against any booking amount.