Subscription Policy

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2022


BISJHINTUS is an online platform that provides you with the best individualized educational content created by top educators. BISJHINTUS offers a variety of courses/classes, as well as live classrooms with practice/mock examinations. You can subscribe to any of the courses and access them via the BISJHINTUS website or the BISJHINTUS mobile application. There are no age restrictions, but if you are under the age of 18, access will be provided only with parents' agreement/permission. Here at BISJHINTUS, you have access to a large range of tailored content as well as several subscription plans to make studying more easy and entertaining. As a new platform, we pledge to improve our learning process to make it more beneficial and convenient for everyone. 


a) Payment terms:

 BISJHINTUS provides you with 4 customized plans, 

  1. 1-month plan, with no refund policy.

  2. 3 month plan, with no refund policy. 

  3. 6 month plan, with Effective Refund Policy.

  4. 12 month plan, with an Effective Refund Policy. 

Payment for the plans can be made by tapping on the ‘subscribe’ button on your ideal plan.

b)Preferred payment methods

Payment can be initiated using a Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI ID, and Net Banking. In case of a failed transaction with a successful money transfer, then you must reach the BISJHINTUS team to resolve the query. 

c)Non-Refundable Policy: 

A non-Refundable policy is simply relevant to the 6-month plan and 12-month plan. 1-month plan and the 3-month plan don’t comprise a non-refundable option with it. 

d)Non-refundable policy criteria:

  1. Only those students who opted for the 'course trial' will be eligible for a refund. The learner will not be eligible for a refund after the trial time has ended. 
  2. For us to begin the refund process, the learners must notify us within 2 days of the trial term ends. 
  3. If the reason for the refund is an 'unsatisfactory teaching approach,' then BISJHINTUS gives you the opportunity of switching teachers for a better experience. 
  4. If the learner is not pleased with the services provided during the trial period, a refund will be issued within 5 to 10 working days, with no questions asked.

Learners will have immediate access to the subscription package after the payment process is completed. Each plan includes live streaming, access to live 1:1 lessons, and the ability to download the classes. Only the BISJHINTUS Application/website will have access to these functionalities. BISJHINTUS content can be accessed by any device (laptop, phone, computer, or tablet) with an internet connection. The mobile application also allows you to download live-streaming classes and pre-recorded sessions to watch whenever and wherever you choose.


BISJHINTUS gives you access to a live stream of the subscribed package for the duration of your subscription. The Learning Management System is where you can sign up for a subscription. BISJHINTUS cannot guarantee you the streaming quality; we, on the other hand, strive to provide you with a high-quality streaming experience; however, we cannot be held liable for the same because streaming quality is dependent on several factors, including the user's network connection, preferred device, bandwidth, and any other device used to stream online content.


  1. After the subscription period has ended, the subscriber will no longer be able to access the same features. 
  2. After the subscription period has ended, BISJHINTUS will erase the downloaded classroom recordings, the option of rewatching the recorded video sessions, and access to any information linked to the subscribed course. 
  3. Only by re-subscribing to the same preferred course bundle, one may gain access to those facilities.


If any Subscriber is detected engaging in the following actions, their subscription will be immediately terminated with NO REFUND and, if required, legal action will be pursued. The following are examples of standard practices: 

  1. Found Screen recording the live-streaming content,
  1. Lending, reselling, or leasing their BISJHINTUS account content to a third party,
  2. Unauthorized distribution of BISJHINTUS content, 
  3. Unauthorized re-creation of BISJHINTUS material,
  4. Using the Subscription packages in an unauthorized manner, 
  5. Attempting to disrupt, disable, or change BISJHINTUS' server or any digital rights, as well as any other act that BISJHINTUS deems illegal. 


For any type of query, the customers are requested to write to [email protected]   or they can raise a query in the help portal (available 24/7).