We want that all our courses are of high quality. So, go through the conditions list and only after that start to record your course.

The online study materials are fundamental to the students. So, make sure that all the study materials are of good quality. The sound and picture quality should be transcendent. You may send us a sample video. This way, we can evaluate and comment back on your video's standard.

We want to mention that sending a sample video is not mandatory but, it will surely benefit you. So, we advise you to use this feature. Also, it is free.

If we review your sample video and remark it as good, do not change your configuration in the upcoming course videos.

Common video necessities
  • Your recording resolution should not be less than 720p. The higher the quality, the better.
  • You may use a tripod to keep your frame constant.
  • Make sure that the audio and video are both in sync.
  • There should be zero background noise.
  • The lighting should be perfect.
  • Keep a neat background. Remove any unnecessary distractions.
  • Have a good body posture.
  • Sample Video Evaluation

    Follow the guidelines and record a sample video. The sample video should not be more than 5 minutes. We get numerous sample videos for evaluation. So, it might take some time for our crew to provide feedback on your setup. Please be patient during this time.

    You may send another video after we provide you with feedback on the previous one.

    Our team wants you to succeed and have the best platform. We want you to have every assistance from our end.