Consider the following conditions before you begin to record your course.

  • Check your Video System
  • You should send a sample video so that we can check on your sound, video, pitch, and presentation. This way, you will become more confident when you are recording the course according to our standards.

  • Standard Specifications
  • When students buy your course, they hope to procure helpful and high-quality educational content.

  • Keep in mind that your students can view and understand your course distinctly. So, we want your materials to meet our audio and video standards.
  • You need to provide high video quality. The video quality must not be less than 720p or 1080p.
  • The video should be in landscape layout only.
  • Make sure that the sound quality is high with zero background noise. Sync the video and audio accurately.
  • Also, we require your course to satisfy the following additional requirements:
  • Provide a proper course image.
  • Give formal course names and relevant subtitles which have appropriate keywords.
  • Write a piece of short information about your course.
  • Give a complete instructor bio and personal photo.
  • Wait for a response from our end:
  • We want instructors who can help children throughout and by assessing the video, our team would provide feedbacks if needed and one can make the appropriate edits, if it’s approved, your course will publish on our forum. This review helps us ensure courses on our platform provide a high-quality and all-rounder learning experience for our students.

    Final Step

    At last, your course will be reviewed by our team to check the quality and to verify that it meets our quality standards and sticks to our guidelines.