Feedbacks and ratings help wise learners. They consider them an essential resource when making a decision. Learners find reviews helpful when identifying the course that best fits their needs. Reviews help the learners as it is the proof to set up your credibility.

Feedback Evaluative Your Course

Feedbacks play a very crucial role in your course content. Always try to get critiques of more than 6. Unfavorable feedback helps you to understand how much work you need to do on your course content. It will help you to improve your course content to convert negative feedback into positive.

Golden rules to getting more feedback and rating
  • Request your learners to rate and give feedback for your course content at the beginning of your course. Also during the classes and when your course gets completed.
  • Prompt them that their opinion matters and they can give you some suggestions to improve your course content.
  • Try to connect with them at the beginning of your class, do some interacting fun activities. They get comfortable with you and give a review on that behalf.
  • Share your videos with family and friends and ask them to give honest feedback about your course content.
Always acknowledge feedbacks and rating

Feedbacks and ratings are some of the best ways to connect with your learners. Always answer to the review whether they are affirmative or negative. While acknowledging the feedbacks try to connect with them directly use their full name to reply. Appreciate it to enroll in your course. When you get negative feedback, acknowledge them. Always remember that whatever you will respond other students will also read. Be patient and friendly while replying to negative feedback.

Use Affirmative ratings and reviews for your advantage

Share positive feedback on your social media accounts, use them while promoting your course send them through mails to your learners.