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We live and breathe our mission statement, we are designed to help you all along your path to success.

Higher education

Help students to prepare for competitive exams by helping them through scholarships. Aid them for their bright future and higher education degrees so they grow up to be responsible and accountable. Your little help can light up an entire household via means of education!

After interval exposure(offline)

Support children with school fees and other educational expenditures who have stopped their studies in between due to some reason. Especially since the pandemic has affected us in ways unimaginable, helping children with amenities can bring them back on track and set their goals right.

Smart Device Sponsoring

Help those who are unable to take online classes due to the unavailability of a smart device. Not everybody can acquire a smartphone and a proper network in this e-learning era, providing them with the bare minimum will continue their journey to success.

Learning Content Providing

Bisjhintus can help such institutes to provide quality content and study material. They are not that easily available to everybody, so, the potential-filled children will come once they have their bag of knowledge provided by us and you!

Partnership to use BISJHINTUS Learning Platform

Partner with schools and institutes to use our platform for educational purposes. Each school, college, or educational institution uses a definite platform as a way for e-learning. You can partner with us and we will provide you the same with even better features and tactless methods.

Community platform

Partner with us and get your discussions done related to education only over our platform. use our platform to explore and conduct various education-related workshops, seminars, and much more. You are free to partner up with us about any such programs and we will keep our promise of excellence.