Helping hand with BISHJHINTUS

Be a part of our initiative to help the future of our nation’s children, by assisting today through BISJHINTUS.

Our immediate priority is to help children who have lost contact with their schooling and studies due to the unfortunate pandemic. Our heart goes out to them and we are committed to providing them with the best guidance.

We donate 1% of the price from every course for the betterment of specially-abled people and those suffering due to natural calamities.
We help patients maintain healthy lifestyles by providing them with a better livelihood.
Ensuring women empowerment.
Securing the future of those students that live far from schools.
Smile Work Initiative - A step towards hidden talents of underrepresented students in remote and far from scholl areas.

Learning With Us

We at Bisjhintus, in our quest to help various children who have been adversely affected by the pandemic, have come up with this initiative with a long term view point of saving the country’s future by doing our own little part and helping the needy and restore their faith in themselves after what they have gone through. Bisjhintus aims and supports the idea of giving and sharing their knowledge with whoever comes their way, be it underrepresented children, women, poor families, etc. and wants to make the world a better place to live and for them to be a part of it and only quality education and meaningful help can do that.

Under this initiative, Bisjhintus will donate a part of their revenue to the differently-abled children for securing their future in this fast pacing world and will also help out the people affected due to natural calamities. They do not have the means to start fresh, giving them something from us will not only brighten the light in their eyes but also spark a new urge to a normal life. We will also help numerous patients bring new healthiness and cheerfulness into their lives by providing adequate resources and we really aim to bring a smile to their faces. Women of our country hold immense talent and knowledge and it is still an utilized resource. We plan to bring that out and put their brilliant skills into the task by empowering them and making them believe in themselves because only then will society actually grow and support a carefree attitude. Bisjhintus will primarily focus on the underprivileged children who got cut off on their education due to various social reasons and we will provide them with all-around

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