1:1 Live Mentorship Terms And Conditions

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2022

Welcome to BISJHINTUS live mentorship terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are between the mentors and the learners. Learners and guardians of learners below the age of majority are expected to read this term and condition concerning the privacy policy, instructor guidelines, refund policy, and user guidelines. Not limited to the following policies/guidelines, the learners are expected to read other guidelines and policies available at the BISJHINTUS website or mobile application. On the first login, the learned learners and their guardian (of learners below the majority of age) are expected to accept the ‘TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT’ to proceed and enjoy their respective plan/subscription. 




BISJHINTUS 1:1 Live mentorship is a platform, where the learners get the option of booking a live video/audio (as preferable) mentorship session to clear doubts and queries. This provided students with a doubt clearing interactive session. For students above the majority age (above 18 years old), there’s no requirement of a guardian, but students below the age of majority are asked to attend this session with the guardian's involvement. Live mentorship platform depends on learners' respective subscribed plans. Herein, the learner can book a session using BISJHINTUS Website or Application (as applicable), with their respective mentor, for doubt clearing or query session for a better learning experience. 


To avail of Live Mentorship services, the learners are expected to use compatible devices. Compatible devices herein refer to a device with internet, microphone, and camera facility (example laptop, computer, Tablet, Mobile phone, etc). Also, compatible devices are those devices that support BISJHINTUS software. Any device can be stated as a compatible device, as compatibility depends on BISJHINTUS software or Mobile Application accessibility. The devices may change according to software updates (including both website and mobile application). So the learners are expected to use devices that support BISJHINTUS software (For both mobile applications and websites).

  1. Live mentorship service allows learners to book a live interactive session with their mentors for a doubt clearing session, or a query session. This service depends on ‘Learners respective subscription’. 

  1. To use the live mentorship service, simply click on the 'book  live mentorship session' button. BISJHINTUS will supply an instructor to the students for a doubt-clearing session. Throughout the subscription period, the learner would be tutored by the same instructor for each session. If the learner is dissatisfied with the instructor's instructional methods, he or she can adjust their instructor by submitting an inquiry to the 'query portal.'

  1. Restrictions
  • Respective Learners will get a selective number of live mentorship sessions. The number of sessions depends on the respective subscription plan. 
  • Live mentorship session time duration would be pre-decided by the respective instructor. There is no time restriction for the same sessions.
  • A recording facility is available, that is the learners can record the Session and can re-watch it any time using the mobile application. The re-watching facility is available only during the subscription period. After the end of the subscription version, learners wouldn’t be able to access the same facility. 

  1. Cancellation of Live Mentorship: If a learner has to cancel a Live Mentorship session, they must tell the teacher before the session begins. Only learners who have attended two successful live sessions will be permitted to cancel the session. After a live session is canceled, the BISJHINTUS platform will schedule a new one, and the student will be given the option of watching a recorded video (of the canceled class).

  1.  Recharge: 1:1 Live Mentorship service will be available only during the validity of the subscription period. Each subscription plan comes with a different number of Live Mentorship booking sessions. After the end of the subscription plan, the learner would not be able to use those services. To avail of those services back, the learner has to recharge the package. After the completion of payment, the learner will be able to access the same facility again. 

  1. Streaming Quality: The streaming quality depends on various factors such as (not limited to) Network connection, device compatibility, server, etc. BISJHINTUS Strive to provide the learners with the best streaming quality, but in case of ‘unsatisfactory’ Streaming quality, BISJHINTUS would not be held liable for the same. 

  1. Conduct During Live Session: The Learners, as well as the Mentors, are expected to be most professional and respectful. Live Mentorship Session is only for resolving doubts and helping learners. Any Mis-conduct from Learner or Mentors Side would be considered as a violative of Instructor guidelines, for which BISJHINTUS is free to pursue satisfactory actions against the same which include termination of their membership/teaching license/subscription permanently with ‘NO REFUND”. Learners and Mentors are Advised to refer to ‘Instructor Guidelines: Termination Clause’.

  1. General Restrictions: Any learner or mentor, in any case, WOULD NOT Sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, screen-record, any content of BISJHINTUS. Not Limited to this, They would also NOT, Attempting to disrupt, disable, or change the BISJHINTUS server or any digital rights, as well as any other act that BISJHINTUS deems illegal, Remove any property or copyrights, labels of Live mentorship sessions, Use their subscription in any illegal purposes. Herein, not Limited to the above points, but BISJHINTUS has the right to decide the nature and illegality of any other act.

  1. Communication: BISJHINTUS Mode of communication would be either electronically that is via Mail, Push notification, or Message. Learners would hereby receive these messages only after they consent to receive the same. The communication would take place under BISJHINTUS Privacy Policy. 

  1. Modification of live mentorship: BISJHINTUS protects the right to modify, continue or terminate the 1:1 Live mentorship Session, only after receiving a notice from the respective learner. Any request Made without a Notice would not be Entertained, and BISJHINTUS would not be held liable for the same. 

  1. Amendments: Learners would be informed immediately via Mail or Push notification, or Message about any amendment made in the BISJHINTUS Privacy policy, or any other plan/Subscription policy. The learners would be able to re-access the facilities ONLY after accepting the new terms and conditions. 

  1. Reservation of Rights; Waiver: Live Mentorship service is incorporated with protected intellectual rights under the law. Herein Mentors/Teachers are ‘THIRD-PARTY Beneficiary’ according to agreement. They can’t claim copyright from BISJHINTUS for the material they present and Use. 

  1. Disputes/Conditions of Use: Any dispute claim relating to Live mentorship services are subjected to the governing law, binding arbitration, BISJHINTUS terms, and conditions, and disclaimer. Each learner has/have accepted the following terms and conditions and so BISJHINTUS is not liable for the same. 

  1. Contact Information: For any confusion regarding the agreement, please write to [email protected], or they can raise a query in the help portal (available 24/7)

  1. Severability: If any term or condition of this Agreement is found to be defective, void, or unenforceable for any reason, that part will be deemed severable and will not impact the legality or enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions.