BISJHINTUS PRIVATE LIMITED is a group that focuses on not just academic but holistic development of children. We want to upgrade the education system by advancing them in technology, different ways of understanding topis and letting them explore the world of imagination by themselves and helping them know the prospects about their bright future. We’d love to have you in our team to provide our students with the best teachers and caregivers, you could join us by:

  • Getting started by overviewing the courses:
  • Almost every teaching-intensive institution has a mission statement that guides the choices they make about hiring, curriculums, marketing, recruiting. At an institution like ours, we live and breathe our mission statement (to succeed together); our administration would help you in selecting the course you want to apply for and further guide you with e-resources and doubts you might have regarding the classes. Here’s an overview of the steps involved in creating a course, covering the way for you to become an instructor in BISJHINTUS.

  • Decide on courses you'd want to take:
  • Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. Education is a passport to the future, and we want it easy to be grabbed with your sea of knowledge connecting with students to help them succeed not just academically, but also in a holistic manner. For this, deciding your course content is important before you start processing further. That way, you’ll have the right content and resources for what you’re going to teach and the targeted audience you’re creating your course for.

  • Decide topics:
  • When you will be clear and decide on all the topics in a pre-planned manner, you will feel confident while teaching as well as it would help students to know what they’re going to study further.

  • Target audience:
  • Making course for a targeted group, for e.g.: A science instructor would target students who like science or want to gain more knowledge about it.

  • Create your courses online:
  • If you have not created a course online before, it is completely okay. Our team is very cooperative and will guide you on how to make videos and where it could be made.

  • Create and practice before the final class:
  • This could be important so that you are well versed with the topics you want to discuss with everybody and it would also help you to start with a fresh frame of mind.

  • Make the course
  • Now comes the major part, Once the planning is done for the course and you’re all ready to make the theoretical approach into the practical class, our team could assist you with any issues you might be facing, record the course in the most unconditional positive regard to make sure you and the students start the class with a positive frame of mind. To make the course, you will have to:

  • Keep the tools and equipment you will be using to record the class in a position where you are opposite to light for better results.
  • always record a video in free space so that there's no kind of disturbance in the background which might distract students as well
  • Record the video with full confidence and a smile on your face and start with a positive attitude which would reflect the audience too.
  • At last, in case of any problems being faced while recording or editing; We would be more than happy to lend a helping hand and to make this a success together.
  • Omission and emission:
  • Giving a slight polish to the course always helps in better results after recording the video and before you plan to publish it on the platform. By polishing, one could add titles, highlight important points and add some images to make it more interactive.

    Once your video is ready and polished, you are all set for uploading the final video. Later, you could fill in your details in the instructor bio and set a course fee in settings to have a clear view of your profile.

  • Wait for a response from our end:
  • We want instructors who can help children throughout and by assessing the video, our team would provide feedbacks if needed and one can make the appropriate edits, if it’s approved, your course will publish on our forum. This review helps us ensure courses on our platform provide a high-quality and all-rounder learning experience for our students.


    At BISJHINTUS, we really believe in being overall excellence and development of an individual. Hence, we try to provide children with the best caregivers who could help them academically as well as in a holistic manner. Positivity leads you to the path of success, so try being positive and confident and we're a team here to support you so that we can all "succeed together".