Search engine optimization is still a great technique to increase your website traffic, brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue. This is an important, element that should mix in your marketing strategy and help to boost your business.

Make sure that you come up with relevant keywords to use, write good course descriptions, blog posts, and guest posts on other blogs to increase your visibility on google.

  • It will help you to promote your course to the right learners.
  • It will enhance your rating on the google platform or at THE BISJHINTU'S website.
  • With this method, your course content will be seen, by the larger community. It will increase your enrollment no.
  • Develop A Learners Persona
  • Identifying your ideal learners is a top priority. It’s the very first step to get success. But, to deliver a more personal experience that corresponds to the needs of the learners, you have to go deeper than that, by creating a learner persona.
  • Gathering information about your learners is done in numerous ways including keyword research – what are the terms they search for online, social media analytics, surveys, and feedback forms.
  • Keep This In Mind While Creating Your Content
    • What is the first page you see when browsing a website?
    • What is the title of the headline? How are headlines set up?
    • What thematic modifiers are applied?
    • How compatible your course content is with other courses?