Being a mentor is an exciting and challenging task. You have to make a network with your learners through an online mode. Victorious mentors are above content creators. They engage more with their learners, give time to the learners. THE BISJHINTUS inspires you to make a foundation of faithful learners. Appreciate your learners for their feedback. Interconnect with them to solve their queries ask for their reviews to improve your course content.

Method to make network with your learners

There are many methods to connect directly with your learners.

You can send them direct messages. Send them promotional emails, interconnect with your learners in tutorial sessions by answering their queries.

You will find it trouble-free to communicate with students through our officialstudent-teacher-parents community website.

Reveal your new educational plans

Academic pronouncements are meant to activate and re-enroll your learners to reintroduce them to your course. Email them your updated version of the course content. Also, share some free material related to your course content to enhance their knowledge.

You can send 4 to 5 pronouncements every month, and it should only content free material related to your course.

  • There is some piece of advice for writing academic pronouncement:
    • Share weekly tasks with your learners to complete a particular topic in a week.
    • Share your updated or added content with the learners it, will catch their attention.
    • Share news related to your course content, appreciate their progress.
    Commercial Proclamation

    Share promotional coupons with your learners, encourage them to promote your course content. Give them some benefits if new learners get enrolled through them. You can send promotional emails every 15 days that will include THE BISJHINTUS course content page.

  • There is some piece of advice for writing a commercial proclamation:
    • For promotion, you have to send a sequence of emails to get their attention.
    • Share discount codes with the learners don't forget to communicate with us regarding setting the last date for these discount codes.
    • Add genuine feedback of your learners to your course content.
    • Send discount codes during holidays and end-of-season sales (connect with THE BISJHINTUS as per T&C).
    Friendly Message
  • It is the best way to connect with your learners and other mentors. When you send a straight message, students will interact with you. Are clear. Try to convey your meaning as simply as possible. The language of your message must be simple.
  • Include all relevant information. Think about the situation from your reader's perspective. What information might they want? What questions will they have?
  • Always proofread before sending any message. This simple step can prevent a lot of confusion and embarrassment. Proofreading just once is acceptable for short messages, but you’ll want to proofread several times for longer and more formal writing.
  • Queries Box

    There must be a page where learners can ask you their doubts. It is the best way to communicate with your learners. Acknowledge their queries.