BISJHINTUS, founded in 2021, by spirited mother-son duo, Mrs. Jhintu Adhikari and Mr. Bishop Adhikari, is an advanced platform for better learning of educational concepts and to experience holistic development empowered by young minds with the power of effective and channelized knowledge.

Our Story

Our Story

The company’s foundation was laid in July of 2020 by the mother-son duo of Mrs. Jhintu Adhikari and Mr. Bishop Adhikari. The registration for the company was filed in December of 2020 and approved in February of 2021; and by April 2021, BISJHINTUS was an ISO certified name. Read More

Bishop Adhikari, co-founder and owner of Bisjhintus company, when in conversation with an intern said, "While I was graduating, I saw that the courses supplied online had a lot of restrictions. India is a country rich in linguistic diversity, religion, culture, and legacy. While India's linguistic strength might be a benefit to some, it can equally be a detriment to others. Recognizing that language is a barrier for many students, the notion of providing a platform that allows students to receive knowledge in their preferred language inspired me to create this platform. BISJHINTUS will hire teachers who can deliver education and knowledge to learners in their preferred languages. Read More

Jhintu Adhikari, Co-Founder and owner of Bisjhintus Company as an educationist and social worker for society, I learned a lot. The rural education system is not up to the mark. Our people are willing to connect digitization but unable to connect. The main reason is because no one is focusing on our cultural languages rather than English. I believe our taking initiative will create a huge difference in society. The language barrier can not stop anyone.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to let the learners seek knowledge regardless of any language barrier and bring on more users so they can succeed along with us on this journey we have undertaken with the help of our very brilliant instructors and at the same time do justice to our ethics, the sign of success.

Our Mission

Let’s succeed together! We believe in diversity and have made BISJHINTUS a multi-linguistic platform that can be used by anyone and everyone. We want to create value for our consumers and learners who can always reach out to our employees and effortlessly find the best instructors for themselves.

Our Goal

Here at the BISJHINTUS we make you believe in yourself and dream bigger. We envision providing a brighter future to the students in beams of quality. Not only do we want to reach new heights and achieve for ourselves, but we also want to equally satisfy society as problem solvers. As learners from the heart, we process things by learning, taking action, and concluding with a magnificent service towards humanity.

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Meet Our Team

Bishop Adhikari

Co-Founder / CEO

Jhintu Adhikari

Co-Founder / CFO

Renisha Rajendran


Priyadarshini Mahale

HR and Client Relationship

Khushi Khichi

Content Writer and Market Research

Attanshi Trivedi

Critical Writer & Potential Blogging

Ashwini Talkal

Operations and Technology

Karan Sharma

Excution & OP.Marketing

Chhavi Saini

Product Design & Planning Strategies

Official Addresses

Registered Office

C/O Jhintu Baidya Adhikari, Ramakrishna Colony, Belonia,
South Tripura, Tripura – 799155
+91 93533 83517

Corporate Office

KUDCEMP Building, 2nd Floor, MCC Commercial Complex, Mallikatte, Kadri, Mangalore, Karnataka – 575002
+91 93533 83517